Dostiheal-Cabergoline- 0.25- Package
Dostiheal 0.25mg (Cabergoline)

Dostiheal 0.25mg (Cabergoline)


Cabergoline is a drug that acts on dopamine receptors to suppress the production of prolactin, a substance that adversely affects not only athletic performance but the immune system as a whole. The drug acts on the dopamine receptors of the pituitary gland. Dopamine is a so-called “happiness hormone” that is produced during sleep or during an emotional upsurge. By stimulating the production of dopamine, the drug suppresses the secretion of prolactin, which causes the following effects: improve the quality of the steroid cycle, the emotional state, power, testosterone production, and strengthen the immune system.

  • Active Ingredient:Cabergoline
  • Manufacturer: Healing Pharma
  • Strength: 0.25mg
  • Packaging: Strip in a box
  • Dosage Form: Tablet
  • Content: 4 Tablets



In bodybuilding and sports, cabergoline is used while taking nandrolone, trenbolone, and other gestagenic steroidical compunds, as well as if an increased level of prolactin is present. In the first case, Cabergoline is taken half a tablet once every 1-3 weeks, in the second – half a tablet every four days. Upon admission, it is necessary to undergo tests for the level of prolactin.