Liv 52-Herbal complex-Box and Package
Liv 52 (Herbal complex)

Liv 52 (Herbal complex)


The effectiveness of Liv 52, is backed by more than 250 clinical studies. Liv 52 is the world’s most thoroughly validated natural medicine for liver care. It does not contain Gluten, Magnesium Stearate or any Synthetic Additive. It is completely herbal medicine containing capers, wild chicory, black nightshade, Arjuna, Yarrow, Negro coffee, and tamarisk. It is used to protect, help the liver to function efficiently, and to treat various diseases of the liver. It protects the liver against toxic substances and the effects of steroids in bodybuilding. and fatty liver due to too much protein intake

  • Active Ingredient:Herbal complex
  • Manufacturer: Himalaya
  • Strength: n/a
  • Packaging: Bottle
  • Dosage Form: Tablet
  • Content: 100 Tablets



Take one tablet twice a day before the meals.